Off to the Market (Farmers Market that is)

These flowers were picked fresh from the Bloomington Farmers Market! My daughter took the picture!


One of my favorite things to do, once Spring hits each year, is to start planning out the schedules of the local farmers markets!

Do you have a lot of Farmers Markets where you live? We have a good amount to choose from here in Indiana. It is nice knowing, if we want to, we can find locally sourced food, including meats,produce, and dairy; while raw milk is not allowed to be bought for human consumption, you can still buy it….. if it is for your kitty cat! 😉

Why am I so supportive of Farmers Markets?

A number of years ago I started doing a lot of research into eating more whole and locally sourced foods. Not only do I want to support the local farmers, I want to make sure that I am buying meats and produce with no chemicals, as well as (if I choose to eat meat) I want to know the animals were treated humanely while they were alive and when they were harvested!

Local Farmers Markets allow me the opportunity to buy from local farmers and get to know their practices. Win-win situation! Local economy gets boosted and I get to know where my food is coming from!


Here is a list of our local (close to me) Farmers Markets:

*Avon- Every Tuesday, 4 to 7 p.m., June 4 through September 24, 2013.
Location: Avon Campus of Hendricks Regional 8244 E. US 36, Avon, Hendricks County


*Bloomington- Every Saturday, 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. April through November. They also have a Tuesday evening market open June-Sept Location: 401 N. Morton St. next to the City Hall-Showers Building.


*Brownsburg- Every Thursday, 4:30-7:30 PM, June 6 to Sept. 5, 2013
Location: Brownsburg Farmers Market, Town Hall, Brownsburg, Hendricks County.


*Indianapolis (Downtown)- Every Wed, 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM, May 1 to Oct.30
Location: Indianapolis City Market, 222 East Market Street, Indianapolis, Marion County.


*Plainfield- Every Wednesday from 4-7pm, May 29-Oct 2, 2013
Location: On the lawn of the Friends Meeting 105 S. East St. Plainfield, Hendricks County


*Traders Point- Every Friday, 4-8 PM, May through October, 2013
Location: Traders Point Creamery, 9101 Moore Road, Zionsville, Marion County.


*Zionsville- Every Sat, 8-11 AM, May 18 to Sept. 28. 2013
Location: Zionsville Farmers Market, Main Street and Hawthorne, Zionsville, Boone County.

These are just a few of the Farmers Markets around Indy! If you want to find one closer to you just google “farmers markets” in your city or county! You are sure to find one!

Have fun! Enjoy the summer and eat some healthy and locally grown food!

For the love of Foie Gras-don’t build next to my house!

This is a little off topic….but when you consider the inhumane treatment of these ducks, it really isn’t! I write about being kind and the choices we make. I am always writing about gratitude, love, and how this affects our lives. So when I think about this subject it just makes sense that I would add it to my blog.

I wrote this earlier today on a Real Estate website by the name of Active Rain. I am re-blogging it here because I think it is important! I would ask for your good thoughts and prayers as we head into this battle!   Thank you!

Always Grateful! ~Christine


As you know, if you read my blog, I am taking my license out of referral and going from Sales Person to Broker. I have not completed my course yet. Halfway there!

In the meantime we have had an interesting turn of events in my (Eminence, In. very rural) neighborhood.

Late last week my husband and I had a visit from one of our neighbors, this man owns a house two houses down from us, as well as property next to the house two doors down from his. He is the original owner of the property our house, along with 5 others (including his) sit on.  We each have minimum 2 acres, with us having 2 lots, therefore having even more land between us and our neighbor to the North. This is estimated info not absolute.

So this neighbor comes down and tells my husband someone is wanting to buy the old Turkey ranch (affectionately called the Eminence Mansion) and are going to put a chicken/duck processing facility on it. They will brood and raise the poultry for 13 weeks then process. They are proud to announce they are the only duck processing facility in Indiana; as well as only one of four in the country. And I know why.  Here is a related article with quotes from the owner.

The processing of ducks for Foie Gras is outlawed in California and a controversial subject in most other states. The process they go through (the ducks) to yield to these “farmers” their coveted “foie Gras” is a terrible process and death. The article above will give you the details; what a gavage barn is, how they force feed these ducks for the last two weeks of their lives, etc…..We as neighbors do not want this facility going in across the street from our homes already, but after learning the process that they will be undertaking every 13 weeks (inside this place) makes us not want it even more! If that is even possible.

OK, so now you have heard the emotional side of it.

But what about the economical/environmental side of it? What about the homeowners who live nearby the proposed facility?  As I have already stated, I am currently not active therefore really can’t make a judgment call with any authority (to bring to the zoning committee).  Also I have heard at least one person state that they did not believe it would affect home values (not a neighbor).

Regardless of being active or in referral; it is not too hard for me to draw the conclusion that home prices will be adversely affected !  This facility will be directly across the street from 2 of the houses down from me, given the acreage between us (stated before) you can see it is close to me and my other neighbors. And with a facility such as this you do not have to live across the street to smell it. Unfortunately.

I want to add that this is not a Purdue or Tyson facility; it is a local facility that expects to eventually process around 30,000 poultry a year.  In my opinion that only matters to the traffic side of things; not the smell or rodent problems.

I like progress as well as the next guy, but I’m having a hard time understanding why this company is proposing to build this facility next to my house and not a few miles out where it could be in the middle of no homes at all? Oh and did I mention it is .25 miles from a K-12 school?

When I think of this there are so many possibilities that need to be investigated, one being home values and definitely another being health/environmental issues, considering children will be playing across the field from this facility. We are all on Well, even the school. Which leads me to wonder to their disposing of waste water, blood, and so forth.

Now that you have the back story, what is your opinion? Do you think this would affect your home values? Would you want this facility moving in across the street from you?

The Eminence school board is meeting this Thursday night at 7pm.  The topic is supposed to be brought up. Also the zoning committee meets on the 22nd at 6:30pm in Martinsville and this application is being introduced that night.

We will see what happens. It is hard for me, as a homeowner, and a Realtor, to imagine this could be good in any way for any homes near the facility! As well as to wonder why they would pick this property when there is so much open acreage around our community.