YouTube, Periscope, Twitter, Oh MY!!!



***I didn’t have a picture to add so I just put up a fun cartoon ME!

I have some housekeeping to talk to you about. A few changes here on The Gratitude Project AKA Our Souls Purpose! First off is the name, I know you have noticed, yes it is transitioning, finally, to The Gratitude Project and I will be officially becoming the one and only Gratitude Diva instead of bouncing between The Diva and Our Souls Purpose. With my book coming out soon I thought it was time to tie in all of my social media with the book “The Gratitude Project”

Second I have a new email account, please use it from here on out. I have made changes on the blog but you never know if I missed one here or there, so I am officially letting you know here!  it is

Third I have a new YouTube channel!  Up till now I have used my personal channel of indychristine but as of today the new channel is The Gratitude Diva/The Gratitude Project!  I will post a video here, maybe tomorrow and you can subscribe to the channel. Or you can go search me now, I have one video up on it.
Also I am now on Periscope! If you scope please add me!  You can search Christine Martin-The Gratitude Diva or use my twitter account name @c_fmartin

AND while you are at it follow me on Twitter and Facebook! The links are right there….right there ———->  yes, to the right! Yes, click those links!  🙂   You make me happy, happy, happy when you do that!

I think that is all for now!  I look forward to connecting on these different platforms, if not all then some! And I will always follow you back!

**disclaimer: I am new to Periscope! Therefore this is your chance to see me at my craziest, silliest self! As I get to know Periscope! I have no idea yet how I am going to do it ( these are live broadcasts) but I am sure we will have fun figuring it out!  If you do not have the app…go get it!!