Wanna Catch Some BEES?

beesYesterday I was reminded of this old saying “You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar”  and as I pointed out yesterday, and will again today, I do not know why I would want to catch bees but I know what the saying means and it surely applies to what I see going on with people more and more, especially with the internet.

The internet allows us all to hide behind a shroud of secrecy and be people we would never have the courage to be to a persons face. But hidden behind the anonymity of computers and keyboards we have oh so much courage, but not so much smarts!

I see people, who may actually have a valid point, in a public disagreement lose all credibility by being nasty, mean-spirited, and a loudmouth! Someone that they may not be ( I can only hope) if it were not for the computer screen in front of them! People need to take a step back and realize they will win people over a lot more often, and win friends too, if they can have disagreements without all the drama and mean-spirited behavior!  There is too much drama floating around out there these days!

We will all be a lot happier if we just think “LOVE”, “PEACE”,  AND “QUIET”<——– see how I did that? “Peace and Quiet”…cause the arguments are loud….and dramatic, makes my head hurt!  🙂

Finding LOVE in The Strangest Places!

Sometimes we may feel as though LOVE is in serious shortage all around us! Even worse, at times, we may feel it doesn’t exist at all! We are surrounded by so much drama everyday, we see it everywhere we turn, on the news, on the street, in the cars next to us on the interstate, and even TV is just a bunch of reality shows…and we all know that is pure drama! We can begin to feel like “where is the LOVE!?”

Well I was watching TV recently and came upon a show, yes a reality show, that makes me feel the need to give a big shout out!

Talk about finding love in a strange place! The show I am referring to is Billy The Exterminator! If you have not watched this show, you really should. Billy is a lover not a killer! He will go to extreme measures to try to live trap an animal and relocate it, alive, so that it can continue to live safely!

I watched a number of his shows yesterday on Netflix. In the end I continued to be impressed by the love this guy has for nature! Two thumbs up for Billy The Exterminator!