Pondering the day away……….

hammackOK so I’m not “pondering the day away” while I lay in a hammock, staring at the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. In reality I’m sitting in Barnes and Noble; so while I am not relaxing on a Caribbean beach, I am still pondering .

Today I’ve been “pondering” many things. My mind is alive with so much thought I can’t contain it! ( sounding familiar already,huh?)  You may be interested, or maybe not, as to what is on my mind.

Well hold on to your boot straps! Cause here they are, in no particular order, for your reading pleasure; but not approval! Cause aint nobody got to approve of ME. Or my thoughts! Ha!

I’m always saying we need to be authentic! So today you will get a glimpse into my authentic thoughts on a day when my mind is wandering and pondering……..

1.Chickens ( as in my new babies)





6.Financial matters



9.Communication (as in -lack of- from certain people and I will admit…..I STILL don’t get it!)

10.ISBN #’s,Editing,marketing,researching……..

11.The importance of goals

12.How much room do I have in this head of mine? Geesh!

13.I need to share 1 more so that we end on an even note!

14.Why are these women next to me talking about sex,guns,prison,zumba, & donuts, with these young girls who do not appear to be their daughters? And….Why am I listening? I realize this could have been  2 but I wanted to stop on 14! OK?

15. I know I said I wouldn’t add another; but my desire to say this is greater than my OCD over the numbers! It is really bothering me….do you Lie or Lay in a Hammock?    I lay….past tense? So….my sentence above is CORRECT, yes, no? Did you catch it….did it bother you?  🙂  Am I right? Am I wrong?

This is leading me to another post! Grammar,structure,writing,OMGosh! Let it go!