Do you love cruising? Disney? Both? Check this out!

So if you have followed my blog for any amount of time you know I love cruising and Disney! And I love talking about them also!  Well I have decided to combine my love of cruising/Disney and talking about it with a business! I have become a Travel Agent specializing in Cruises AND Disney park vacations.

So the above picture is of my blog which will talk all about cruising and Disney! I’ve been doing these types of vacations for over 13 years and have a lot of experience! I want to share it with you. There will be blogs, and videos, and there will be giveaways and tips and tricks!

If this sounds interesting just click the picture above and go to my blog!  Join me!

Gratitude on the Open Seas!

Disney Fantasy docked at Castaway Cay- Their private island!

In my lifetime I have worn a few different hats, career wise.  I began my adult wage earning life as a Medical Insurance processor and a Medical Coder. I did that (and a lot more for a Trauma Surgeon) for 6 years; then I did it for a company that made post operative medical equipment. After 10 years I left that field and moved to Indiana to marry a man that wanted nothing more for me than to take the time to discover who I am.

It is this man that gave me the opportunity, to have the space to grow, to learn what it is that I am passionate about. I took a few detours along the way, trying this hat on or that hat on. I became a Realtor, (which I love!!) I was the manager of a Women’s fitness center, I founded a Charitable Foundation to financially assist single parent families, I dabbled in Retail, I became a Travel Agent! All on my way to discovering who I am………. and I did! I have discovered what it is that drives me! I have discovered my passion!

My passion? Seriously…my passion is to be grateful, to express gratitude, to share with others what gratitude has done for me, to encourage others to be grateful. This I know is true.

I also know this….. I love to help others.

And I love cruising! I love exploring far away places. I love floating along on the ocean with nothing to do but stare at the water and be grateful! Cruising encourages gratitude in me.

So it is only natural that I should decide that I would LOVE to book cruises for others. That I should want to share the world of cruising with others!  I have been on 11 cruises with number 12 coming up on Dec 10 and number 13 on March 5, 2017. I have sailed NCL, RCCL, DCL, and Carnival. I have been all over Mexico, the Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean, San Juan….I do not say this to brag, I say it only to prove that I have some knowledge of cruising!

Having said this, what I have discovered is that I do not think there is anywhere that I can work where I can just book cruises for others.  If there is I have not found it! And really I am most happy when I am just freely sharing my experiences!! **Not that using a travel agent costs you anything, because it does not! It’s just a term…..

What I want to say is this- I hope you don’t mind, and may even enjoy, that I want to blog on occasion about my cruising experiences, I want to share photos and such (like these which I took on one of our cruises aboard the Disney Fantasy)

St Thomas  Disney ship and Carnival Ship
St Thomas Trunk Bay

so that hopefully someone may gain knowledge from my experiences. And I want to chat about cruising! I want to share my info with anyone that wishes to ask questions. I just want to give as much as I can to others, maybe some good information that may help them have a great cruising experience. I already help friends and families with this and I want to help anyone who may come across this blog and find my posts.

So in addition to encouraging gratitude I will also be encouraging cruising! It is a vehicle I use to inspire gratitude in my life! And it can be in your life too!

**** and it does not have to break the bank!! It is pretty much all-inclusive, or can be, and I will show you all kinds of tips and tricks to make your first cruise experience great!

I’m Addicted!!

Okay Ya all, I have a confession to make! I’m becoming rather addicted to YouTube! 

Okay so I’ve got my channel where I post a daily message, should be called “crazy Christine ramblings” but seriously I post a video daily where I chat about what’s in my head and its related to positive  thinking; as well as living a Gratitude filled life !  Then in the afternoon I post a video,or two, from cruises or our Disney vacations. Sometimes they are just me chatting or I post a video from one of our recent trips! 

I decided to make just one channel with several playlists. A channel devoted to my life passions- Gratitude (encouraging others), cruises, and Disney! 

I have not promoted it much more than to mention it here a few times.  I know I tried this last year but this time I’m more ME and I’m being consistent. I am becoming addicted!! I want to just chat all the time. 

I wonder if this means I have no friends. Haha!!  Nah! But I do love chatting on YouTube and am getting a chance to meet others and answer questions.

So visit me! Check out the videos. Get to know me!  I’m just a regular girl who often forgets what she is talking about and sometimes gets chased by bees when she is video taping!  

Okay! Come see me! But be nice! 😉 

You can find me by searching for The Gratitude Diva/ The Gratitude Project.