Love is Stronger…

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death. – Robert Fulghum

Kids……Love Your Parents!


“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother” – which is the first commandment with a promise – “that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”
Exodus 20:12




I do not think children respect or appreciate their parents enough. One day you will look around and they will no longer be there. It is easy to push that thought to the background, especially if you’re  young, but when you begin to reach middle age it becomes more of a real, and sometimes lingering thought, and not a passing one.  Not so easy to ignore!

My wish and prayer for today is that children will learn, sooner than later, how important their parents are to them. Truth is that if you would spend any amount of real-time thinking about it,  you will probably realize how important your parents are to your life!  And remember once they are gone, they are gone.

Your parents are your parents; like it or not your parents were instrumental in making you who you are, even if only for the fact that they were instruments used by God to get you here. Your parents are human beings with issues and childhoods…you are not the only person who has a story! We all have a story and they have theirs.  Why do I say this? Because so many of us want to hold our parents responsible for the problems, pain, sad times…etc….of our lives. I totally get it….I really do!! But at some point we need to realize that they have  their own stories, they had parents, parents who raised them a certain way and they are doing the best that they can with the tools they were given ( at being parents.)  I KNOW this is hard for some to accept; some people are not ready to hear or accept this idea. Trust me when I say that one day, if you want it to, it will all make sense! Really it will!

Just keep growing, keep educating yourself and you will learn how to accept things that seem impossible today. We are all in charge of creating our own lives by the choices that we make!!

Love and Peace~ Christine