Communication Part 1- Why is it important?

Communication is an art. I think it takes true talent to really communicate with others. I have spent many years living in this world ( nice way of saying that I am oldER)  observing people and their communication styles. Over the years I became a little obsessed ( my kids may say A LOT)  with making sure that I and those around me, like my children, practiced the art of communication and respected others and were always considerate in our dealings with people….especially when it came to communication. I taught my children to  always be a few steps ahead of others at all times…to anticipate what a person might be wanting, especially  a guest in our home. We could not achieve  this type of consideration for others unless we were communicating with them….asking questions…hearing them. I see many arguments break out among people simply because they do not communicate with each other…whether it is because they are not listening or are not being listened to, it always seems to come back to communication.

Even though I find all of this very interesting…… it is not the reason I want to talk about communication today. I am more interested in how we use communication to help us discover our souls purpose.  Communication with God is a very important step that many of us overlook when deciding to figure out why we are here on this beautiful planet! I hear people talk about taking classes and reading books and taking “tests” or “quiz’s” of some type to find their purpose. What I think is the most important step is talking to GOD…communicating with Him to help us find our purpose. Obviously there are people who already know this and I am probably boring you!! (SMILE)  If you have already figured this out then you don’t need me to help you   If you are still struggling then read on……

How can we discover our true purpose without having some serious communication with our creator?  In some cases this could be the missing key in our quest! God created us for a specific reason and God can help us to discover that reason if only we will ask. Oh…and listen! Yes….that is an art as well!

So how do we communicate with God and better yet how do we know when God is answering us? I am no expert but I can speak from experience. Following are a few things that I have found helpful in connecting to GOD ( our source, creator, the universe….etc) .

One way and probably the most obvious, would be by reading the Bible. And I do also recommend reading other books which draw on scripture to illustrate how to have a more spiritually connected life. I have found that by surrounding myself with The Word and books about The Word and spirituality, I have naturally been drawn closer to God. My relationship with God has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years due to immersing myself in spiritual books. I read mainstream Christian books as well as books by authors such as Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. I read encouraging and helping books by authors such as Crystal Andrus and Marianne Williamson. I have read A Course In Miracles ( that is a work in progress…have you seen the size of that book???) and I read The Bible. As you can see when I say immerse yourself I am not kidding. My reading schedule is not for the faint of heart! I read and or listen to something in these categories every single day. I have not missed many days in 5 years.

Meditation is another way to get closer to God. Wayne Dyer has a great book called Getting in The Gap, a book about meditation, which teaches you how to meditate effectively. It is a small book with a helpful CD included.  ***I have heard it said that some people feel meditation is not a good thing to practice. I know of no person who feels  this way; So I cannot speak about why they think this or…well I can’t say anything about that!  I think meditation is a good thing to  practice…..if nothing else it will teach you discipline. But if you practice it I guarantee you plenty of quiet time with God.

Listening to uplifting music is another way to communicate with God. I feel that when I listen to Uplifting and encouraging music that my soul sings and God hears it. Practice this and you will probably start seeing/hearing things that at first you will call coincidence but will come to know as GOD.

To recap…..surrounding yourself with spiritual and helpful books, TV, and Video, practicing meditation, and  listening to uplifting music are all helpful ways with which you can connect ( communicate)  with God.

As you can see, I believe communication is not only important to your Souls purpose but it is vital to your connection with God. And….if you ask God that simple question….what is my soul purpose? Why am I here? He will answer you!

So what are some of the ways God communicates with us?

That is Part 2 !

It’s Our Time To Shine…Ladies!

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