The Courage of a Lion!

lion photo: Lion Lion.jpg

The things that hold us back from living the life we so want to live…..or the life God wants for us.  The list……..

1) Fear

Huh….that is all I got!

Fear is the one thing that holds us back…even if that fear is wrapped up in apathy or ambiguity…I believe it all boils down to fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of others, fear of change, fear of happiness…because we feel unworthy.  Yup…I believe it all comes down to fear in one form or another.

So let us ask for courage!  Affirmations & prayers! All need to ask for courage!

“I AM courageous! I AM fearless! I AM worthy!”

Dear God, Give me the courage to live my life in the way YOU would want me to! Let me face this life with a fearless nature; one that will stop at nothing to help others and create change!  Thank you for the courage of a lion!  Thank you for a life of fearlessness!  Thank you for the courage to know it is better to live a life of passion, to help others and create change, than to succumb to the “what ifs” of this world and the unknown! ~ Amen!

So let’s all go out and be a LION!