Oh my goodness…not another rant!?


I do not delete the crappy people from my friends list! Why? Am I a glutton for punishment, a drama queen, a drama junkie???!!  No, none of those! I have learned to not let the crappy people bother me and I use them to further my growth! How you say? I read what they rant write about and it makes me want to be better! I mean it cultivates in me a wish to be better!

Who would have thought the day would come when I’d have control over the negative stuff flowing out of others mouths! So much so that I can use it to better myself? Awesome! Pure genius! Love it!

So what are you going to do today? Use the rants of the crappy people to get crappy and stressed out yourself OR take what is behind door number two!? Control over your own destiny! Control over your attitude!

Friends don’t let friends defriend! It is soooooooo immature and you could learn so much more by keeping these rant-ers close and letting them fuel your good side!

But YES…first you must learn to not let it bother you! Some people can’t get there.  I admit, it took me a while! But how gloriously wonderful it is to be on the other side!  Peace!