I am……….

I amI am ….stepping out of my comfort zone. I am ready to put it all out there. It is time! I have said for years that I will be posting my story….my history. So that you, dear reader, dear one who has followed my story all these years; can see where it is that I come from. I will take the mask off….and you will see me…the me that has created the who…..the who that is…oursoulspurpose.

This is a leap. I feel it is time to show you tell you where I come from and why it is that (I can say) I have walked the talk that I am forever writing about.  It is possible that you will see this story somewhere other than here, it is possible that I may go so big that it will be in print and that is where you will read it for the first time. BUT…what I will do, for you, is give you a taste…later . For now it is enough that I am here and I am committing to telling you more…to removing the mask and showing you; I really do practice what I preach!

Show you that there are things…reasons….actions…history…….monsters……that make me an authority on the subjects that I write about. Forgiveness…..Gratitude…. and unconditional love.