The Question of Religion

I know it seems to be a common theme with me, this whole religion thing, but did you notice the name of the blog? Ok…LOL

I find myself questioning  my religion a lot lately……no……I do not question my faith or my beliefs….not at all, but I do question the people, the organization….the actual place that we call church.I am not judging them, they are all loved by God and what happens between them and God is their business. What I am talking about is ME. My experience and it so happens that they have a part in my experience…..

I get bugged….when I hear all of the judgment and intolerance. I know I sound like a broken record here, I am a radio with one station!! LOL I know!! But the judgment and intolerance that I am surrounded with when I seek out “fellowship” among the Christian community just bugs me! And the icing on the cake is that they do not even know…most times…that they are doing it. They are so consumed with themselves that they see it as being true to their faith..their religion.

I honestly think if they open their eyes wide and try to do as God would more Christ like….then they would see how their “innocent” words are like knifes in the backs of people AND they would understand why it is that a lot of people call them hypocrites. I know Christians that are fond of saying ” of course we are hypocrites, we are all hypocrites. We are no better than anyone else, we are all human in need of Gods forgiveness” that is nice, but they say it like it relieves them of all responsibility to be more Christ like. As if by saying “I will fail”  they can fail. I do not understand this viewpoint!  I do not want to accept that each day I will be intolerant, judgmental,gossipy…..or whatever because I am human and that is how humans are!  I want to start my day asking the Lord to help me be the best that I can be and to allow me to be of service to another. I want to live in the now knowing that God loves me and that He wants me to be the best that I can be and that He gave me gifts in order to be able to live my life this way.

Now then….having said this, I realize I have been judgmental ! All I can say is I did it in order to write this article. But that does not change the fact that this was me being judgmental. Now that I have said it I am going to attempt to move forward, recognizing that I have been judgmental and see what I can do about it.


What is on My Mind Today?

Here is what I am thinking about on this Sunday morning….

IF the Christian church is the only way to get to heaven..the only way to find salvation….wouldn’t you think then that they would live a life that Jesus would advocate? Wouldn’t you think that they would exemplify the very nature of GOD? SO that others will believe and have faith that what the religion stands for is, in fact, true?

So….if others are to believe that Jesus is the way…Christianity is the one religion to follow….how are we to win souls to Christ? when we have history of killing…murdering others for not believing the way we do?

How can a religion claim to be the only way to heaven when they have innocents blood on their hands. Maybe it is history but it is the history of our church. It is our heritage. It is what our church was built on. Should it give us pause?

I was reading this morning about the Cathars. Ever hear of them? They were a Gnostic group in the Middle Ages which were thought to be wiped out…exterminated by the Christians during the Crusades…before, during and after.  I have read some articles which say that in the beginning of Christianity the only real rival religion was The Cathars.

Christians exterminated the Cathars and any other religion(person) that did not believe the way they did.  At least they tried to. I have read where there are still descendants of the original Cathars around.

Then we have the  Crusades….. I find it interesting that the government ( church) hired a bunch of crusaders who took vows and  were granted penance for past sins, Go forth and kill all who do not believe as we do! Uh huh…..  Always amazes me how the church feels they have the right to forgive sins….I thought that was God’s job? Who are we to judge? OH wait….forgot who I was talking about….

Ever wonder why it is so hard for some to believe in Christianity? I know we can easily say that this is ancient history and we do not have to be defined by history……well….ok.  I get that but when you add history to the intolerance that you find within the Christian community today…well it gets a little harder to disregard the ancient history.  Cause, in some respects, it looks a lot like current events!

Seems all religions are this way though. The only religions that seem to be passive are eastern philosophy churches and newagers….which are all enlightened so, according to Christians, bound for HELL.