Join The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge! It IS FREE!

MyBannerMaker_Banner(73)I just want to be clear here…..this challenge is not about having to email someone every day, or tagging people when you say what you are grateful for, or posting each day something you are grateful for. This challenge is about YOU and it is private! You will be encouraged to share in the Facebook group, but it is not required! The FB group is there for support, encouragement, to build momentum! You will have activities that involve thinking about ways to be kind to others, but they do not even need to know that it is a challenge, just that it is kindness. Heck sometimes they will not even know YOU did “it”. Do you see what I am saying? If you have avoided joining the challenge because you think this is one of those “pass it on” emails or tagging feasts on FB; no, it is not!

Please take a minute and think about what I am saying…  this is not one of those things that get you to re-post things or acknowledge people on FB.

So if you’re intrigued and want to do this for YOU; then click on the link below!

Want to join the 30 day gratitude challenge? Need more info? Follow this link to find out all you need to join the challenge!

Buried Head Syndrome! Do you have it?


I know the cartoon is talking about qualities not actually attitudes or thoughts, but I like the cartoon! And we are what we think, right? So……

Where do you put your thoughts? Are you aware of your positive & negative thoughts? Do you really stop to think about where it is that you put your thoughts? Do you really WANT to? Or would you rather bury your head in the sand?

Awareness is a beautiful thing that you should take advantage of! Awareness will not only let you know if you are being positive or negative, it also has the ability to STOP the flow of your thoughts long enough that IF they were negative you can now change them to positive. Your choice remember? You can use your awareness as a learning tool. A changing of habit tool! Do not be afraid of learning who you really are. 🙂

Your thoughts, your choice, your life!