Nobody Said It Would Be Easy!


Life is not easy. As I recall nobody said it would be. While it may not be easy it can be easier! As Wayne Dyer says; there is a spiritual solution to every problem. Years ago, before my journey of change and spiritual growth began, facing situations that were less than ideal could cause me great stress and anxiety. I always felt, well my EGO always felt, it had to be in control and when it was not it caused much havoc in my life. I think situations felt bigger than they necessarily were.

Today, after much spiritual growth, I am able to see a situation for what it really is, even the big events are manageable.  How did I do it? Well for me what worked was gratitude! Seriously….gratitude has changed my life. The change began with getting a positive attitude, that was not easy, but after time it began working and changing my life! Now I have mastered the secret of living a gratitude filled life.

Recently I’ve been faced with a few challenges. These challenges were and still are so big that my growth was put to the test. And I have passed! But not without work! It was not easy!  There were times upon waking and throughout the day that I had to repeat over and over just how grateful I am for all I have….even the situations at hand! Yes, it was hard but I was victorious! I won! And I AM HAPPY!

I pray happiness for you too!

Peace and Love~ Christine


Today as I sit here looking out my office window,   I find myself reflecting on the year gone by.  2011 has been, to say the least, a fast year….for being so quick it certainly has made a huge impact!  In particular I find myself reflecting on friends. This year I have lost a few friends, but gained one amazing friend and associated myself with a group of women who are beautiful, amazing and wise!  God says….”To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” Ecclesiastes 3:1   and that is, for me, the explanation as to why I must lose people at times in my life. I do not try to figure out the why of it, I just try to remember; for everything there is a season and things change; change does not have to be a bad thing, it can be a good thing. All change is growth and all growth leads me closer to God. I tell myself…..“remember that, remember these words, these truths, when the time comes….when it is so hard to understand why things happen!”

And that time will come….challenges arise…that is when I need to cling to that verse and believe!  I pray daily….”God let me remember, when the times are hard, that there is a reason for all things under heaven”

May you all know this as your truth and then….. Believe & Remember!  Especially when you face the challenges that will come one day! God never said life was without challenges! HE only said that HE would carry you through…if you let Him!

Peace and Love~