A Challenge for YOU!



Random acts of kindness, big or small, can mean more than you know to someone our there!
So I offer this challenge to everyone!!

Take the Five day challenge!!
Day 1- one random act of kindness ( from here on out referred to as RAK)
Day 2- two RAK
Day 3- you get it!!
By day 5 you will do FIVE RAK’s that day.

Do not let the thought of five RAK’s in one day stop you! You may think ” I don’t see that many people, that I know, in one day!! Who can I be kind to?” It’s ok!!! You do not have to seek out people you know. These are RANDOM acts….. Just let it happen organically! The idea is to THINK about it. See by day five you will be thinking about kindness more than not thinking about kindness!! How awesome if everyone walked around looking for something to do to impart a small bit of kindness on another!!
Do anything…. Big or small each day! Anything!
It can be monetary (buy the people behind you in the drive through their lunch or coffee) or no money involved (Grab that cart in the grocery store parking lot from the busy mom or elderly person and put it back for them, or just round up carts in the lot….. Etc)
Whatever it is just make sure it’s done with kindness in mind and heart. That’s it!!
You can do it!!
I’m going to post here each day what I did.
Hope to see you here!
Have a gratitude filled day everyone! And TAKE THE CHALLENGE!!

You have the POWER!


“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”~ Leo Buscaglia

You have the power! Maybe you did not realize it, but you do! Try smiling more often, or speaking up and saying something nice and unexpected, see how it affects others. Some days you will not see much reaction, some days you may feel like ” why do I bother?” but then there are those days when you’ll be rewarded beyond measure for your efforts! And here is the thing……you have no idea when and where that reward will come! No idea! None. Sorry!

Does that mean you should not do it? Gosh I hope not! Just think what it will do for YOU, each and every day, as you practice the art of gratitude and kindness! Flex those muscles! Get ready for those rewards! It is worth it!

Much Peace and Love~ Christine