Forgiveness Part 3

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.~ Mark Twain

And so it occurs to me that when it comes to forgiveness, there are 3 types of people.
Some people walk through life unconscious….. going about their days thinking they are very well-adjusted with no unforgiveness lurking about in their minds…bodies…souls.  They are oblivious to the need to forgive or that they even have a reason to forgive. Whether it is forgiveness for others or themselves. And usually, it is not because it does not exist within them, it is just that they have buried it deep within. Funny thing about buried things, they usually have a way of resurfacing!
Then there are those that wear their unforgiveness…their grudges, on their arms like a badge of honor! They wear them proudly…full of the type of hate that only a grudge can fuel. They are fully aware of their unforgiveness, but see no need to unburden themselves of it.  And some…well, some would not want to let it go if you paid them.
Then there are those who recognize unforgiveness .These people see how it will benefit their lives to let it go. Whether it is forgiveness for their own perceived terrible deeds or those transgressions brought upon them by others.  They are aware of the benefits ! You will find these people in various stages of growth as they either learn to let go or already have. These are the lucky ones! the ones that have learned the secret; that the forgiveness is really for YOU.
So…which type are you? Have you ever even considered the thought?  Which type am I you ask??  Me? I am in the third category. I see the benefits and I let go as best that I can. It is a growth lesson each and every time that I have something occur which causes me the need to forgive and let go. I love and welcome the growth and the opportunity to get deeper into my soul and see what I am really made of.
I can only hope the same for you.

Can you recognize your Intuition?

In the book “The New Feminine Brain”  Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz discusses how to develop your intuition!
I am reading this book for my class in Women’s Health and Wellness. Within the book there are 10 steps  designed to help you pinpoint your intuition and recognize when it is speaking to you. Each step is related to your body/brain, and looks at your reactions,feelings,thoughts,and symptoms and what they may mean in regards to your intuition. As I went through each of these steps there were certain questions within each step that I could identify with.
Step 1 gave validation to an earlier revelation. I have come to understand that when I experience “anxiety”,  it may very well be my intuition speaking to me. I found this to be a wonderful validation to my thoughts! I was already thinking this could be the case and had written an essay for school about this very subject!  This said to me that I needed to slow down and pay attention to my anxiety as it may be telling me something important.

In step 2 I again received a validation to previous thoughts. . In looking at whether I have a right-sided or left-sided thinking brain, it said that hormones do play a role in developing a woman’s brain and the way she uses it. As I approach menopause I am noticing so many changes and hearing this gives me hope, actually it gives me much excitement, at the thought that I will tap into parts of my brain that maybe I have not tapped into yet! and again I wrote about this last week here in a blog post!
Going through these steps I am also quite sure that I am a left-sided thinker! I am very expressive, I sometimes get “stuck” in the details. I have a hard time just saying”yes” or “no”, although there are some characteristics attributed to left-sided thinking that do not apply to me, such as “not being able to see the big picture” or “focusing exclusively on a personal goal and disconnecting from others” while I do not have these last 2 traits, I am sure that I tend to be a more left-sided brian thinker verses right-sided. Mainly because I am a very positive person and it appears right-sided thinkers are not so positive! I think I am learning to use the best parts of my left and right side!
In step 4 I learned that I have more of a symbolic intuition. This will help me in the future to understand when I dream or “feel” something it may not be exactly what it appears to be. I have started applying this to my dreams. It is rather hard to do, because when you see someone eating the brains of another person in your dreams you would just like to chalk it up to having watched “walkers” the night before! You do not want to have to figure out what this symbolically means! But it is OK. And challenging!
Step 5 referenced something that I have been practicing, that in order for me to nurture my intuitive nature I need to be healthy! With this in mind I have, in the last 2 years, started eating more organically and more plant-based. I have cut out caffeine ( mostly) and I support my cells with cleanses as well as antioxidants. I am mindful of what I put into my body so as to keep my channels open.
Overall I think I am learning to listen to my body as it attempts, through physical and mental signals, to talk to me about a variety of things related to family, work, health…etc…..
In the end I am ready and have already taken that step of faith that is step 10. I have said my prayer and given it over to God. Now I am walking the walk and really trying to stay connected and listen to my intuition. And when the light dims…as it has a tendency to do, I do as step 10 recommends! I have a DVR and DVD’s filled with inspirational movies,seminars and lectures! And I am not afraid to use them!

I highly recommend reading this book if you would like to learn more about the 10 steps and your own intuition!

Is Raw Food The Answer?


I have noticed in the last year or so that I am somewhat “scattered” in my thinking. I want to write, meditate and continue to grow spiritually but I seem to have a harder time these days in “calming” my mind. This calming of my mind, I have come to realize, is of the utmost importance if I am to realize my goals.

I find it is almost impossible to stop my mind long enough to meditate. I know meditation is important to my goals. I need to be able to have that special quiet time of the day to connect with God.  I need to be able to make sure that my connection is clear because I am depending on Him to guide my writing. If I can’t get quiet how then am I to hear His guidance? Good question!

I have had the opportunity to study nutrition and specifically women’s health issues this past year. Because of this knowledge I have been slowly changing my eating habits and nutritional support program.  I know that nutrition is key in my health and definitely in my brain function.

I am 49…. we all know at this particular age a woman will probably go through a significant amount of hormone balance issues. Well…..I think I am there! Hello!  In a perfect world I would sail smoothly through this period and enter straight into the amazing second half of life that is awaiting me! I know that a woman in my position has the opportunity to tap into magnificent knowledge and wisdom! And I want it!

I realize this “scattered” feeling that I have these days may well be the fact that I am …the age that I am!

I have been thinking in order to optimize this period in my life that it would be a good thing to start eating to live rather than living to eat. And to nourish my body the way that God intended me to. I want my mind as clear as it can be!

With this in mind I have decided to eat a 75% raw food diet. I am not sure if my ultimate goal is to go 100% raw, right now my intent is to support my body the best way that I can. I already use Isagenix to support my body nutritional. I use a cleanse and I drink a meal replacement shake. I now am going to add another meal of raw foods to my program. One meal a day will be light foods, they will or may be cooked.  So you see this will not be a 100% raw food program.

I have found a wonderful website that is helping me to learn all about a raw food diet! You can visit this website here.

I am hoping that this is going to help clear my mind! That it will allow me to get a closer or easier connection to God.

I’ll keep you updated!

Peace ~ Christine