What do these things have in common?  Well I like to refer to the quote above by Buddha (and I often do) when I say that these emotions ravage your body the same as if you drank poison and expected the other person to die!  They ravage your heart, your soul, your mind, they do nothing in comparison ( if anything at all) to the other person!!

So why do we do this to ourselves?! God does not want us to ravage our bodies with the likes of anger,revenge,grudges,mean-spirited actions or words, UNForgiveness, etc…..

What can we do to stop? I start with prayer. Prayer for the other person. Praying for those who have transgressed against us opens a window for God to work His miracles! And sometimes….Oh MY do we need a miracle to get over things!

It can be a simple prayer…..

“Today I want to pray for those who have hurt me! Please be with them today and everyday.”

Crack that window!

Today I am Grateful For……Choices!


This is a word that comes up daily for me. Whether it is in talking with others, helping,listening to others or just chatting with myself! YES,I chat with myself! Don’t you?  🙂

I am so grateful today for Choices! It has been a while since I wrote about my gratitude, specifically what I am grateful for today. Well here it is.

I woke up this morning in Sunny Florida and thanked the Lord that I am here, with my husband, enjoying a beautiful holiday!

After being thankful 🙂  I went in to get dressed where upon I realized  I may actually have put on a few pounds over the last few weeks of vacationing FUN….. this is when I became very thankful for choices!

Choices are something that is never far from  my mind. I think accepting our ability, my ability, to make choices is what lead to my biggest aha!  When I realized that there was nothing in this world that I had to let bother me or get me down, I really had to stop and think about that. I mean…really…that is HUGE! If you accept it for what it really means!

For me, today, what it means is that when I realized I have put on a few pounds I could get depressed about it, since I have worked hard to get the weight off, or I can just take care of it! Period!
And take care of it is what I am going to do! Because it is my choice to wallow and probably keep gaining or be grateful for my ability to choose to do something about it!!  Yay LIFE!

Oh and then there is the choice to let this weight gain cause a bitter nasty spirit today! Hmmmmmm…what do you think I will do!?  I am going to enjoy a beautiful day here in Florida with my husband and be really grateful that I am in 87 degree weather, enjoy it before I have to go back to the less than 70 degree weather!

Have a great day! And exercise your right to make choices!!  And make them good for you choices will you?!

Peace and Love,