Where is the Balance?


My WordPress dashboard tells me that I have 245 comments on my blog since its start back in 2010. Mind you I know that I have not been the most consistent blogger, so I understand. And I am better now! Times do change and so have I!

Upon further inspection I see that Akismet has blocked over 3500 SPAM comments from  going to my blog! Really? Wow!  So after 2 years I have managed to get 245 comments on my blog posts, because I am so entertaining….not!! But I have over 3500 SPAM comments? What does this say about me?

That I really like random posts?  Yes, that is what it says!  Haha!

OH and that Akismet is a great program! <wink>


Good Morning!


May you be blessed with the best day imaginable!

Remember……with God all things are possible! 

Therefore….impossible must not be a word!  So…..do NOT use it!





I browse through other blogs every day, sometimes I find words of inspiration!  Sometimes I cry….sometimes I chuckle and the best is when I laugh out loud!

Today I wish I had an award to give to the people out there who inspire me and touch my heart and soul! I thank all of you for putting your words on paper, so to speak! Thank you for giving me one more opportunity to smile,  to create!

Thank you for inspiration, the reminders, to live another gratitude filled day!

Because I do not have an award for all of you that inspire me….let me just say “thank you!”

If I have followed you, it is because you inspire me! If I am not following you…..I will find you eventually!  And thank you in advance for sharing your words!  As I always say Words matter!

Love and Peace to you all!

P.S. Here are just a few of the blogs that I follow.  You should TOO!

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And there are so many others!