The Power of Love!

powerSo I was browsing my Facebook news feed (as I am want to do) when I came upon a post written by Corbin Bernsen.  He recently lost his mother, the great actress Jeanne Cooper (she played Kathryn Chancelor on Young and the Restless) and has posted about the journey, before her passing as well as since. It has been a humbling and beautiful experience to take with him.

I enjoy reading what he writes. I am mentioning him today because, well there are 2 reasons;

1. His post this morning reminded me of the power of love! And what it can do.

2. In case you are not aware of his Facebook page, thought I would post it here so you can take a peek and be blessed.  His writing really is something you should experience. His posts can be long, look I like long…Corbin and me..we have some things in common, one being our gift for being long-winded! Writing my blog has taught me to shorten up my posts, but inside of me is always a long-winded rant,rave, or ramble waiting to happen! And we both lost a mother this year! long or not his posts are worth the time it takes to read them! Now I know you all like to graze over things, just read titles, or look at pictures…..but maybe I can persuade you to actually take a peek at what he writes. It’s good stuff, I have found many nuggets of truth within his writing!

Ok…so here is the link to his Facebook page. Corbin Bernsen writes here!

Let me know what you think!

Oh and on the power of love! This is not a new topic for me. His post today was about missing his mom, I’m sure when people read his writing, as it is with most anything you read, we all take something different away from it. For me, his post today was about love, here is an excerpt;

Taken from Corbin Bernsen’s Facebook page “I know it to be true. And while the mechanics of our problems; upside down economy, unemployment, state of education to name a few will need major overhauls, none it will happen unless we adopt the most simple and again, TRUE LESSON, my mother taught me; Love for one another. Compassion and Hope. Through a deepest faith possible that we are good and showered by God’s Grace and beauty.”


I Have A Dream


I have a dream! I want to create a place where people can go ( You and Me ) to openly discuss, without judgement, our thoughts on Inspiration,Gratitude,Forgiveness, Faith, etc……. Everything that I talk about on this blog and on my Facebook page!  I created a Yahoo Group, I have put the link on its own page as well as in the sidebar.  Now I am wondering if a Yahoo Group is the best place for this group to grow? I am finding that since people get notifications and posts primarily through email ( when using Yahoo groups) that people are saying they do not use e-mail much anymore! Can you imagine!?  (SMILE)

So now I am left wondering how do I go about creating this sacred place where we can enjoy our like-minded thoughts.stories,quotes,etc….?  I know I am greedy! I want more than this blog and my Facebook page! I want active discussions between a lot of people! Much more than I have here or FB.

I have a Facebook Page and now the Yahoo Group, both created with the intention to bring together all of us like-minded people who want to change the world! But the response is low…..what to do?!  Any ideas?  I would appreciate any feedback that you would be willing to share! This is a big passion for me!

Peace and Love~ Christine

Define Success


I have almost 6,000 views on my blog……I want 100,000.   Is that too much to ask for? 🙂

Will this define success for me? No. Not that alone, my definition of success is a little more detailed than that!  Will this make me happy? Yes! Immensely!  So here is the deal; I will keep writing, you keep looking and together we will make this small milestone a reality! OK?

Peace~ Christine