Could It Get Any Better? YES It Can!

smileitsfridaySmile, it’s Friday! Yes that is a good reason to smile. The weekend is HERE! I hope you have some amazing plans, or some lazy plans, which can be rather amazing— soooooooo either way, Rock on!

I just realized this morning how very blessed I am! OK, I didn’t just realize this, but I re-realized it! Ha!  So why am I so very blessed today?  I began my gratitude challenge a couple of days ago over at the Gratitude Diva blog (YAY) I’ve been adding people to the group, and let me tell you  it has been an avalanche of activity; 8 members!! Woohoo!  As I add people and send out welcome emails, and I post positive greetings and reminders for members of the challenge…..I AM BLESSED! I get to surround myself 24/7 with other people who I fondly am calling “Gratitude Seekers”  and I get to infuse gratitude, and pure positivity into the group anytime I want!  I feel pretty darn good!

So in the end this is for me! I know, selfish, selfish! I am such a blessed girl! I always knew this would lead to amazing things…!

*I can only pray those involved are as blessed as I am! ❤

On This Christmas Day……..

grateful12There are as many Christmas gatherings and stories as there are families to carry them out.  There are large family gatherings, small family gatherings, visits to grandmas house and visits to your children’s homes!  No doubt these homes are filled with love and warmth and it is good!

There are also visits to nursing homes to help feed mom her Christmas dinner and to then serve other residents at the nursing home. There is a Christmas meal in the firehouse  because you are pulling a double or triple shift, you will be on call to serve others, possibly save lives, and hope while you are there that your wife may stop by for a bit to share a meal with you.  There is a Christmas visit to the hospital because your child is sick…… or Christmas dinner will once again be in a mess hall with your fellow soldiers, as you continue to stand guard to protect us so that we may enjoy our Christmas meal and traditions yet again!

There are so many stories out there and the amazing thing is there is also gratitude! I have read these stories, I have heard them told, and I always hear the gratitude! They are grateful to be alive to serve others; a loved one or the unknown person, the stranger who they may be able to help.

On this Christmas day and every other day of the year, these are the people we should say a prayer for and let it remind us to appreciate even more…what we do have.  There are people all over the world who will not be with loved ones on this Christmas day or the circumstances may be less than ideal….. yet they are grateful!

I say as long as we continue to have stories (and people) like these, such heartwarming love filled stories…… then there is hope for us and for the world!