Today You Start Living!

I came to this realization late in life but coming to it is all that matters.  The funny thing is it has come in shifts; this realization. I will know it is true one day and then a week later I get sucked up in the guilt game. Yeah that’s my thing- guilt. I learned not to do the blame thing a while ago and that lesson has stuck! 

But being a parent is a guilt ridden job, heck having family in general can mean relationships fraught with guilt. So yes what I am saying is “guilt” in relationships is my “issue”.  Having said that I can tell you if you keep at the lesson, the practicing of the lesson, it gets easier and easier. I’m sure the other areas of my life that I am working on, and have been for years, help to support my continued growth in this area. 

What I have come to realize is this doesn’t happen overnight and the key is not to give up. We must be consistent and persevere!  We will have set backs and we will have times when we feel like nothing has changed; but I promise you, eventually it will get easier and it becomes freeing and it will become blissful. 

So here is to our eventual bliss- may we get closer and closer with every new day! I love you! 

Mirror, mirror……

Rather than put the blame on others we need to point the finger back at ourselves. Please notice I say….”we”.  Yes, we all need to stop blaming others and look in the mirror. Maybe we are not ready to accept responsibility for our own life, faults and all, but when we are the mirror will be there.

Just remember, as much as we can forgive others their faults and errors…we need to forgive ourselves too. And the more we complain, scream, kick, and try to be noticed…..the more it is clear we need to face ourselves (in the mirror) and stop blaming others.

We can do it!


You want to change? You don’t say?

responsibilityIt is pretty simple, the first step on the path to change is taking responsibility for who you are and what you do.  If you don’t like what you see then it is definitely time for a change.

It is your choice.  Not mine or anyone else…only you are responsible for you.  YOU CAN DO IT!

If you don’t believe that…. then you are not ready. Laying blame on others for the choices we make is a sign of spiritual (and secular) immaturity! It will keep us stuck where we are and unable to grow and change.  You will never change you, let alone the world, as long as you believe someone else is responsible for your choices.