Out of The Pain Comes Growth!

pain1I don’t know about you but this describes my summer! And a few other times in my life. And so, have I grown? Have a I changed?

It’s funny because  the summers of 2013 and 2014 have changed my life forever. Both circumstances were painful, one on a personal level, and then the following summer, on a professional level.  Both times I was faced with a person and situation that were not as it seemed.  I was devastated but I have come through, with much change, to the other side; and yes I am a changed person! One who has experienced much growth; self-improvement growth as well as spiritual growth.

When going through the thick of a problem we do not see what is on the other side and that is the way it is. Our faith has to kick in; our faith that there is something better waiting for us.

In my two situations I made completely different choices on how to handle them in the moment. With the personal one I stayed and fought, with the professional one I left. In both situations I prayed and I let guidance from God show me the way.  It is interesting because in both cases I felt extreme betrayal and abuse in some form ( abuse may not be the correct word here…..maybe it is more along the lines of….well speaking on the professional situation it was ridiculous and Irrational! The personal side was just pure betrayal.)

Here is the main difference in these two situations; in one ultimately I felt I belonged there, in the other I didn’t.

In the professional situation I felt disappointed and let down by a few people; as well as abandoned to have to deal with an irrational situation (person) with no help from those who should have been available to do so!  I do not belong in an environment like that!   In the personal situation I was betrayed plain and simple. Someone who I thought for many years was a certain person, of certain character, turned out to be someone different; at least for that summer!  But in the end I do belong there because I continue to grow in that relationship and God showed me that.  So each situation gets handled differently.

Sometimes it is good to stay and fight!  But regardless of your choice to stay or leave, your hardship, your hard work, will allow you to grow and become the person you will be in the end. In each situation you need to quiet yourself and look for inner guidance. Don’t panic and run; seek counsel from another as well as from God. But always try to remember there is growth to be had and it will be yours, In the end you will be the victor! Keep pushing forward and do not listen to the naysayers, because there will always be some, don’t let the words or actions of others stop you from your victory. Always do what is right and you will be golden!

And above all else don’t stay where you don’t belong! You will not flourish in an environment that is not meant for you.  Maybe that is God’s way of letting you know you are in the wrong place? Maybe when things go awry and don’t make any sense maybe you are in the wrong place and need to leave. Yes it may be painful but imagine the possibilities!

I think it would be a bit much for you to believe if I said I wouldn’t change a thing; but I am grateful for all I have been through! I know the growth I have experienced (especially the last two years) has been because of my pain.

So when we’re tempted to look back and think how sad or sorry we are for things, or when we’re tempted to look forward to how we may do things differently, I say let us look to today! Look to today and who we are now! Let us celebrate the victories; even if the victory at this moment is that we are still standing! And we are not somewhere that we do not belong!

More power to you!



I never thought it would happen to us! You didn’t either, did you…. I know! If it could happen to people like us then there seems to be no hope at all! I know…I understand! I get it…I think the same thing. The fairytale has ended…..how could that be? I know.   Hard to believe…how could this be? I don’t know..he doesn’t now…nobody seems to have answers…I think that is why it is so scary.

I know it scares you too….I wish I could help you to understand. If I can’t understand how can I help you? I know…I know….mind numbing stupid crazy! That is what it is….stupid.  But it is what it is and we just have to get past it.

My life, my heart was like a fragile bubble and it has now burst! It is what it is….go on…carry on…move on….get past it….heal….seal the hole and blow that bubble up again! We have work to do!

Will YOU Recognize Your Soul Mate?

soul-mate-quoteEat, Pray, Love~ I have not read the book, I saw the movie and it was amazing!  I found this quote while searching for a quote on…duh~ soul mates!  HA!    I love the quote because it speaks to me at this moment. Yes, and always! I realized I have had a few soul mates in my life.  They have come into my life and made me love them…..three were women! See, a Soul Mate, is not necessarily a lover, !  And three of my, self-proclaimed, soul mates, were indeed women.

As this quote says, they came into my life just to” reveal another layer of myself” and then they leave.  I have a hard time with the process, because it so often feels like betrayal, that is the process leading up to the leaving. But the actual leaving…. Ah now I bet you think I am going to say “the leaving has always been the hardest?” well, no, in fact,  it hasn’t.  I have never taken betrayal well and the process leading up to a break up of a relationship feels like betrayal. And if it feels like betrayal then my ego will certainly tell me it is betrayal and goes into “protect” mode!  And what does not serve me I have no problem letting go of!  I will always love…but sometimes there is no benefit to having a one on one relationship any longer!

Now you will see I am entering a new phase in my life. And you get to watch as it unfolds! We will see where it goes, together!  This is the first time in my life that I am going to attempt to let go and let God, about a situation such as this one!

Yes, it feels like betrayal! And I have more than enough evidence, if you will, to back up that thought and believe me my ego is making sure I do not forget that!

BUT I am giving it to God and will meditate on this every day until I have the guidance I need. I know God will continue to lead me in the right direction and for that I am grateful!  And I have the benefit of knowing that God has lead me through much more than this up until now! God is as faithful as we should be to each other.

And you know what else I am Grateful for today?  YOU! I love that I can come here and know that you listen and there will be sage advice headed my way!

Peace and Love~ Christine