Shamless Plug……



YES! I am going to shamelessly plug 2 products and companies that I sell ! Sorry……hang on, it will be over quickly and then we will return to our regularly scheduled program!!  Really!

*** Hey a girl has to earn a living…..aspiring author and student pays..umm….ZERO!

Ok, I am just going to throw it out there! I have 2 things that I do everyday without fail and I want to share those 2 things with you!

1) I drink my ViSalus shake!! Love it! It really does smell and taste like cake ( without being too sweet)! me, my husband, my daughter, and my mom are all losing weight!! It is simple…it is a FUN and motivating 90 day challenge AND you can get your shakes for FREE!  Free is GOOD, right?! Always…..Want more info?  OK! Go to my website at   That is it! If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them!


Time Wise Repair Set

2) I use Mary Kay’s Time Wise Repair every night, every morning!! I have always used high-end skin care. I take my skin care very seriously! I turned 50 in July. And I want to continue to look good.  🙂   I tried MK TWRepair a couple of weeks ago, it is brand new! I was blown away by how amazing my skin felt. I will tell you that I am not one to leave the house without at least a foundation on, when I left that party I had NO makeup on and I looked very good! When I got home I asked my husband how I looked, he thought I had a make over so was like ” oh ….yeah you look good” I asked him if he saw any difference? He said ” not really…..” THAT IS FAB! Because I had NO makeup on!! He thought my skin looked as good as it does when I have makeup on, I use makeup to even out the redness that I tend to get. I walked closer and told him to really look…he said I looked great, but not different. I told him I was wearing no makeup…I love the look he had on his face!! It was priceless!  So YES….I signed up right then and there because I want to sell this skin care line!! I love it, I believe in it!!

If you would like to try it go to my website at       

***If you do not have a MK consultant and would like to order anything, please feel free to visit my website. I can also take orders via the phone or email! Whatever is convenient for you!

Thank you for reading! I love sharing what I do and what I love!

Now we will return to the spiritual side of things!   🙂

Peace and Love~ Christine