The Best Move Yet…..


My decision to change schools and direction of study has been the best idea ever!  Ha! I wake up each day and meditate, say my devotions, and then spend an hour or so deep in thought about God and the Universe!  And I do it as part of my studies! How great is that?

I have always believed in the power of affirmations! So I use them and I suggest others do too! I believe they work and at the very least they can’t hurt! So I was really happy with my studies today; I was studying about “Affirmative Meditation” and how it can help to program our subconscious mind. It really comes down to recognizing God is in control and once we do that our lives begin to change. God wants us to live a good life, if we can only accept that and receive.  Poverty thinking is so ingrained in our subconscious mind that it is (sometimes) hard to even see it!

Have a great day you all!




All things are possible! For those who believe!

Do you believe that?  Saying this daily to myself, in my head or out loud….has changed my life beyond measure!

Affirmations work!

Stop wishing and start doing! You are capable of anything you can imagine.  Life is full of probabilities!

Heart Health and Negativity!

This is a flash from the past! This blogs past! Taken from the archives, originally dated 03/16/11 !  Still relevant? Absolutely!  ( as usual I have left it unedited!)





People who are chronically hostile and angry have higher levels of blood cholesterol and blood pressure, which are two major risk factors for Chronic Heart Disease and early death……do you need more motivation to be happy, joyful and grateful for all your blessings? Thought not! LOL

They say an apple a day will keep the Dr away…..well maybe with that apple you need a gratitude affirmation! What do you think? Every morning when you awaken, before you put your feet on the ground, take a look around the room and whatever your eyes come upon say “thank you” for it. When I wake in the morning I usually say “thank you” to God for allowing me to have another day in which to get it right! I am on a spiritual…self-development journey and that is all I can ask each and everyday. Some days I say more, usually I say a lot more….but at the very least I make sure that I thank Him for another day.

Make each day a day of gratitude and if that sounds like too much for you then maybe you just need to take a minute each day to think of someone else….that usually is all a person needs to wake up to all of their blessings!

Try it and see what I mean…..

I for one am grateful to have a blog where I can come and write what ever I am thinking…… Thank you!