Don’t Hide Your Talent!

talentsI heard a story about a young man who spent his youth angry,filled with a desire to party with his friends and no interest to do much else. He lived this way for over 30 years. He spent most his time with his friends, drinking and “hanging out”.  At some point he got tired and disgusted and told his friends “This day is the last day I will drink” his friends laughed and said “Impossible” but he reiterated “Today is the last day I will live this life. Today is the last day I will drink”  and it was. At that moment he made a choice to change his life, the choice and the change were his to make, he was the only person who could do it and he did. Despite his friends telling him it was impossible, he made the change then and there and he stopped drinking.

At 51 this man went back to school and while in school he discovered that he had a talent for writing, specifically for poetry. He was good. He entered a prestigious poetry contest and won it.  What this man learned is that alcohol, his addiction to alcohol, was hiding his God-given talent.  He had no idea that he had this talent because alcohol covered it up. It numbed him to who he really was and who he was meant to be!

So my question to you is what are you hiding your talent under? Fear? Addiction? Addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, etc……….  Are you living your life in such a way that you may be numbing your talents? Hiding them? Never aware that they exist?

Do you have a nagging feeling that you should be doing something? A feeling that there is a song in you? A book in you? An award for civic duties? An invention……or whatever?  Is it possible you are hiding your talents?  Is it time to look at your life and see what/who you are meant to be?

Just asking…..

Me? I have hid my talents behind fear/lack of confidence for many years! Many of us do this….no shame! Just address it and change it! It is in YOUR control to do so.  ❤

Little Girl Lost


There once was a little girl, she was sweet and loving, the way a child is. She had blonde hair and was ever so tiny. She loved everyone she knew, she looked at the world through eyes that had not been wounded by this world.

In her 4th year things began to change, the world moved into her consciousness and pushed out the light that we are all born with. She became aware of pain. Her world, as she knew it, began to slip away, began to change, it was replaced with a world of pain and fear.  To be such a young age and to begin this life of fear, so hard.

Then the girl is a teenager and all she wants is to be loved and accepted. She is not even aware of her feelings. She does not know why she sleeps around or why she dabbles in drugs and alcohol. She is not aware of what it means to “mask the pain”   She is too young to know what is happening and there is no one there to guide her out of the darkness she has sunk into.

Now the teenager turns into a young woman, wife, and mother. She feels the light but she doesn’t live in the light. She has been fooled!  She believes there is something more out there and that she is connected to it. And it is not that there isn’t but she isn’t....not as she thinks she is. And still she has no one there to help guide her, help her get fully into the light and understand what it means to be in the light, to be of the light.

Then like a flash the young wife and mother is a middle age woman. Those crazy wild days are long behind her, but she is still searching, she is not there yet,  but she is oh so close. Now she is becoming aware of the “missing” light in her life. She is still alone and still unguided but she is aware.

This story could be so sad! So heartbreaking. To think of a child all alone with no guidance in life, no love, to be in such pain and fear at such a young age! To have no one to explain and help her, guide her, to a better place.

It could be a sad story and yes… it was for many years. But the truth is this story not only has a happy ending but is truly one of goodness and victory!  If it were not for this life then this girl would not be the woman she is today and for that she is grateful!  Today she is a strong woman! She knows who she is and why she is here. She realizes the life she led was to get her here, now, to be the victor! And she wouldn’t change a thing.

We go through life to get to the other side….. the journey through it should be one of challenges and growth! So what more could she have asked for? Only one thing….the awareness (early on) that she is strong, she is loved and IS love, and that the challenge, the journey, was to get to where she is today.  But she now has all of that and more, so all is well!

God bless and may everyone come to the realization that the challenge is not for nothing! You are running a race and will be a victor!