2014 Theme!

Last year my Vision Board theme (Yes I have a theme!) was “The Power to Change!”

I have come up with my theme for 2014 and thought I would share it with you! As you know (if you read my blog that is!) I take the next week to create my vision board then on New Years Eve I say good-bye to last year and welcome in a new year..with my own style of tradition!

So…here is my 2014 theme! It may have been given away by my picture at the start of the post! Ha!

“Inspired Action!”

Yes! 2014 IS the year of …not only action….but INSPIRED action!  I hope you are feeling inspired to create a vision board or at least to write your goals down (wants & desires) and commit to making (whatever) changes you want to see in your life, and the world around you, this year!  Commitment is the step most of us are lazy about! Commitment and then action is what we need!

Let’s do this!

Have a great day!


Waiting On God…….really?

Why is it that we always think we should be waiting on God? I mean no disrespect. I just, at times, feel that maybe God may be waiting on us! ***I am not speaking of seeking God or listening for him or worship***

Have you ever thought about it? I mean He sends “divine appointments”, inspiration….lots and lots of clues to us and what do we do? Mostly we talk about waiting on Him to figure it out for us.

At a certain point, I just felt, you know, God is not looking for alms, God is looking for action. ~ Bono

Now….I am not writing about you or anyone else for that matter…..I guess I’m really speaking about me.  I think God is starting to send me clear signs that HE is waiting on me and I need to start having faith! I need to just jump in and start swimming.

You never know the water may be a nice 80 degrees!