What Can Gratitude Do For US?

Gratitude-Can-Cause-youOK so it is no secret that I am passionate about the subject of gratitude and what it can do for US! The main thing that I always point out is that gratitude will cause US to be happier. The byproduct of practicing gratitude is that we will invite in a joyful feeling!

As I say if we are in a rut or down in the dumps, taking the time to think about someone else, or serving others, will cause us to raise up out of our rut!

So I post this excerpt from my book to show some of the things we will be blessed with if we practice gratitude!

Wake up each day and be grateful! Write in your gratitude journal and keep those feelings alive! Writing your gratitude out each day will only magnify the good feelings!!

Bless you ❤

Practice Gratitude


Could It Get Any Better? YES It Can!

smileitsfridaySmile, it’s Friday! Yes that is a good reason to smile. The weekend is HERE! I hope you have some amazing plans, or some lazy plans, which can be rather amazing— soooooooo either way, Rock on!

I just realized this morning how very blessed I am! OK, I didn’t just realize this, but I re-realized it! Ha!  So why am I so very blessed today?  I began my gratitude challenge a couple of days ago over at the Gratitude Diva blog (YAY) I’ve been adding people to the group, and let me tell you  it has been an avalanche of activity; 8 members!! Woohoo!  As I add people and send out welcome emails, and I post positive greetings and reminders for members of the challenge…..I AM BLESSED! I get to surround myself 24/7 with other people who I fondly am calling “Gratitude Seekers”  and I get to infuse gratitude, and pure positivity into the group anytime I want!  I feel pretty darn good!

So in the end this is for me! I know, selfish, selfish! I am such a blessed girl! I always knew this would lead to amazing things…..wow!

*I can only pray those involved are as blessed as I am! ❤