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Jerry Lewis

As a kid, he was my favorite male actor- Lucille Ball was my favorite female. She still is. 

I loved and was quite impressed with Mr.Jerry Lewis. I loved the Labor Day Telethon…. when I was growing up it was a big deal!! I worked it a few times and felt honored. 

Jerry Lewis was an inspiration. 

He will he missed.  Has been. Always. Thank God we have his films. I wish we could all leave the type of legacy he did. 

RIP Jerry Lewis. 

Dark Places…..Averted

Forgiveness can bring light back into your life.  It will cause you to leave the darkness behind….forgiveness is for you, not them.  This is truth, not just some saying.  It is your lifeline!  Grab on, have faith, and know that every action you take has a direct effect on your life as well as the life of those you love.