A New Year…..will 2019 be THE Year?!

These are a couple of pictures that I took from here in St Augustine! Yes, I am still here and loving every bit of my life! I know I have not been blogging much…at all….but so much has happened in my life over the last two years. I would like to share it all with you, and in time maybe I will, it is not some big secret but I have so much I want to share, who knows what we will talk about!

First things first!! How are YOU?! I hope this year is finding you well. I am doing very well, I am staying busy with my jobs and school and of course….Doug!  Doug keeps me busy….. Speaking of Doug, he is now 62 and still plugging away at Goodyear.  I don’t think he will ever retire.

Okay so I am feeling this is coming off as a yearly Christmas update letter!  Maybe it is, I mean it has been so long since I have been here- I may need to start with an update letter.

Alright so let me finish- mom and dad are doing good! As you know we all bought a house here in St Augustine and moms health has seemed to level out a bit since being here. She seems to be doing much better. Now if I can just convince them of that so they can start doing some traveling. Ya know that was the plan- we buy a place together and they go off traveling and exploring and we hold down the homestead! Good plan! I hope someone offers Doug and I that plan when we are retired! Oh that is IF Doug retires…haha    Anyway, so far they have not gone traveling or exploring our great state in any way!! Join me in prayer, won’t you, that my parents will start enjoying their life! Oh and Dad turns 80 on the 29TH! Wow…….

We have had two additions to the family- Finley (13 months) and Remi (3 months)  As a matter of fact Remi and mommy are here visiting right now! I am blessed.  All the grand kids and kids are doing well.  Oh and the oldest grand baby…Christa…she graduates high school in May!!  Wow…..I’m old. lol

We have been blessed to have my brother and sister (in love) visit twice since we moved here! That has been great! They are in Texas…I know we owe them a visit; but I love it so much here! I don’t wanna leave!  Okay…except for a cruise- I will leave for a cruise!

Speaking of…….. YES, we have a Disney cruise coming up  in 44 days! It has been 6 years since we cruised Disney and we are super excited to be back!  I have been vlogging my trips on my Youtube channel. You can take a peek....here.

I have not begun writing a second book yet; although I have ideas! But before I start my writing I have been led to start another adventure! I think it will help me to continue my walk on this path I have chosen or has been chosen for me…   I have enrolled in the Christian Leaders Institute. I want to pursue a bachelor of divinity and maybe even go further to a master. Ultimately I would love a Master of Theology/Philosophy. That would be a dream come true. I would like to spend the rest of my life researching the word/religion.  If you know me ( and some of you do) you are aware that I have been “searching” for many years….. I seek knowledge, spiritual knowledge, Godly knowledge. This should not be a surprise to anyone who knows me.  I have sought to find an institute of higher education for a long time now, one that is accredited and Christ based. The type of school I was looking for was out there but also very expensive and not all are online. I wanted both of those elements in my education.  In CLI I have found that.

Little side note…… if you follow along you also know I have enrolled in two other programs…these were not Christ based, and as a matter of fact they were very un-Christ…. as a result I was led away from God even though my goal was to be closer connected! This is a whole other issue, which I will be talking about over time, I want to share with everyone the “detour” if you will, that I took in my search! I thank God every day that I found my way through the darkness.

Being a formal/official minister is not something I have ever wanted, and I still am not sure (mostly because I am an introvert by nature) but what I am sure about is that I want to reach others and I want to encourage others to know they are loved, they are worthy and to live their best life! That is all I have ever wanted to do…..heck it is my life purpose!  So I think these studies, leading to a degree in Divinity, will do me well to  reach my life goals!  Whatever they may look like!  We will see where this path leads me.

So there is my update! I hope to be here weekly, especially as my studies progress I hope to have much to talk about!

One thing has not changed….. I remain forever grateful! My days and nights are filled with gratitude- I hope yours are too!


Hello Spring!


Happy Spring to you!  Well, it has been some time now since I have been here on my blog. No reason other than we moved to Florida in the last few months and it has taken a lot of my time away from other things.  Including writing!

So, yes we moved from Indiana to Northeastern Florida in Oct 2017. This has been a goal of mine for quite some time now. I am excited that it became a reality and so far we love living here!

Why the move? Honestly the biggest reason was that it was time for me to grow up and let go of my adult children!  It didnt seem to be something I could accomplish living with in a few miles of them all, so we moved 1000 miles away. It was not just for me, it was for them too.  I am trying to do us all a service!  Due to the nature of our lives as they were growing up, I think we are all a little bit co-dependent. I want more for my children than a dysfunctional relationship with their mom!  LOL   Okay, I am sure it is not all that bad, but really the problem lies within me and my psyche….. if you have been around for awhile then you know I had my life all planned out in a certain manner and it all blew up in my face! Well, I was having a hard time letting go, I really wanted that family compound! All the kids and grandkids under one roof, or if not one roof then within walking distance of each other. Then, like a slap in the face, other people were getting my dreams……… I’m not even sure they had spent their lives pining for it as I had. LOL

That is how life works! It does what it wants, not what you want. Quite often it gives you something you never knew you wanted. So I try (now) to roll with it. I know God has plans for me so I just keep moving forward. I feel like in Indiana I had stopped moving forward, I was stuck in one place waiting…waiting….waiting for that life I had spent my entire momhood praying and planning for!  It had passed me by and I was done mourning it and wishing it back. I wanted to appreciate what I did have, past and present, and I wanted to mold myself a new life. So I did.

And here I am in NE Florida! Living a life that is taking some getting used to! Not that it is a bad thing, it is not! It is just different. An entirely different life than I ever imagined for myself!! Wow!!! How different!! And of course, my kids are not with me. I never ever in a million years thought I would say that! But God will make you so uncomfortable that you will have no choice but to make changes you never thought possible!  And so here I am.

I hope to be here, on this blog, a lot more than I have been. You know my book was published last May. I have not yet begun a new one, although I have ideas. But I have been busy. I am also a travel agent that specializes in cruising and Disney….to that end I have  been making some YouTube videos about our adventures. Recently we cruised with Celebrity on the Equinox. I do not know if you have an interest in this type of thing, but if you do please feel free to check out my channel. The name of it is Desperately Seeking Christine.  Apropos…no?  lol   If you choose to visit and subscribe you will be welcome! And hopefully enjoy!

In the meantime I do hope to see you around more often!  Hope you are well. ~ I love you!

Your Reaction Matters….

Defeats are part of our human experience

Whether we want to admit it or not. It is just a part of life. They may be small or big, but they are usually present at times. And they seem to pop up mostly when we are really on to something big. They can be looked at as of they are tests, how bad do we really want this? Whether test or just life; it is how we respond/react to these times in our lives that matters.


React or Respond?

Are you a reactor, or a responder? It matters. I can remember when I most definitely was a reactor! And it showed all over my face and in my body language. It was very difficult for me to hide my feelings in the midst of situations. And truth is, while I am mostly a responder these days, there are times I still have a hard time controlling my body language. I am working on that!
If we learn to be a responder our life is easier, even when we are showing, by our face, that we would love to react in a negative way to the situation, the fact that we don’t makes the situation better, for us and for the other people involved. Learning this self-control is huge! It is a great change in your life and will affect you for sure but it will affect those around you too! And it helps to get us through the defeats in our life if we learn this lesson now!


Start now, and know there will be slips!

Where to start to make t his change?

All you can do is start now. Dive in! If you want it you will have it! If you truly believe being a responder is the better way to live your life, then just jump in. I know if you want it bad enough you will make it happen. Yes there will be times, especially  in the beginning, when you will fail, that is okay! Remember defeats yes but not defeated!  All we can do is do our best. And knowing that we will always have another chance to get it right is motivation enough to keep trying!  So this is what you do…… starting now when you feel yourself reacting in a negative or judgmental way to a situation, and you don’t want to, then stop and take a breath, take a step away. Yes it really is that simple. Here is the thing- you will have a lot of times, more often than not, in the beginning, when you remember after the fact to be a responder and not a reactor. That is okay! It is growth!

You are going to have many times, even after you learn to take a breath and not react, when you will have to remind your face what the plan is!! But that is okay! Keep at it!


You are taking on a very noble cause!

Making this change in your life will indeed help your life to be easier. But the affect it will have on others is probably so profound that I think you are a hero for doing this! Taking on the challenge to make this change in your life, something that will have an impact on the lives of others……you are amazing! Considerate! I love that you care enough to want to do this.


Don’t give up!

Just keep moving forward and one day you will be on the other side, seeing the fruits of your labors! Good for you! And remember…..tomorrow is another day full of opportunities to do better! To become a responder not a reactor and to make sure your defeats

never defeat you!