The Best Laid Plans…..God laughs.

I’m going to keep this brief; for now. I’m building up to a bigger blog post. Just not yet.

As I re read last years blog post (2019) I couldn’t help but think “oh how God must have laughed!” thus the title of this post! There is a reason I have not been here for a little over a year. Let’s just say 2019 was not my year. And while I definitely didn’t fold up and wallow- I did question things and I did feel lost for a long while. I think I became a bit like a zombie. I walked, I talked (oh wait…. Z’s aren’t exactly chatty now are they?) I ate, I slept but I don’t think I lived and I don’t think I THOUGHT! I existed. Stick around and you’ll come to find out what the 2019 was like for us.

Anyway, I’ll be back soon with the story. I’m hoping it will be a time of rebirth. I don’t know. All I know is it’s time. I need to figure things out and I’m tired of walking in circles because of certain circumstances that I’ve allowed to define me as a person. I hope you are well. See you in a few. 💜

The one constant, throughout it all, has been my gratitude -yes, even in my darkest moments ….. I was grateful.