Wow! Goodbye 2017!

It has been a whirlwind kind of a year for me! It has been amazing! It’s making me super excited for 2018! I can’t begin to imagine what the new year holds for me!

It has taken me many years to finally begin to get healthy. It wasn’t until I found Omnitrition that I was able to get some control over my health and weight. It’s been a long journey but a very satisfying one! I love Omnitrition! The products have changed my life. I have lost (and maintained it since May) 46.2 lbs!

2017 was also the year of manifesting dreams! We sold our house in Sept 2016 when I declared to my husband that I wanted to live in St Augustine, FL! So I began a year long effort to make my dream of living in St Augustine, FL a reality! There were many pitfalls and heartaches along the way. But as of Oct 2017 we are officially residents of St Augustine….. not “close to” but IN St Augustine!

It’s been an amazing year! I can’t wait to herald in 2018 and see what it brings!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! May you have an inspired 2018! ❤️<<<<<<<