Eyes Wide Open

I can remember many years ago when I opened my eyes in the morning I would “search” for the problems of the day….. What was I going to worry about today? What happened yesterday that I can be sad about today? What can I dread that is coming up in my life?

Today when I open my eyes I say “I love you” and “thank you” not only do I not think of what may worry me but I wouldn’t dream of “searching” for something.

The difference between now and then, besides the obvious, is that I made a conscious decision in 2007 to wake up and be grateful …. To See what that got me.
So what did it get me? A life of gratitude. A life filled with love. I now am surrounded by friends and family who give unconditional love. The community that I have created for myself is a supportive one, an encouraging one, and I am grateful! Grateful that I created this and I know I did because I also created the life of worry that I had before.
And all I did was to change the way I thought when I open my eyes in the morning. The rest followed!
Bless you all! xxxx