Meaningful Moments!


Do you ever go through the day continuously looking around and feeling the deep, deep, feeling of being grateful and wanting to have a meaningful life? I’ve been doing this a lot in the last couple of years or so.

Meaningful….is a very meaningful word to me these days! 🙂
I find myself repeating the word as I watch a mother and her child, or any number of other things that cause me to be reflective. I just say the word; meaningful.…it applies to so many situations. When I say it, I am not just saying “oh that is such a meaningful moment” I am saying, to myself and to those I am watching, that we need to be more mindful about each moment…… realizing the meaningfulness in each moment. Precious moments!

I look out at the birds flying around the trees in my backyard and think…..”Ahhhh, this is a meaningful moment! A moment I will never have again! And it is GOOD!”
What word resonates with you?

4 thoughts on “Meaningful Moments!

  1. Integrity is a word that I often think about. When I read about people being hurt for some reason, through bullying, gossiping, abuse, violent acts, I wonder what happened to integrity. What are we teaching our children today?


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