Be The Power!

gratitudeispower1The Gratitude Project is about advocating love and gratitude through it all. No matter the situation, I pray to have the strength to stay on this path of gratitude…… in the face of struggles as well as in good times!

And that is what I wish for you as well. A gratitude-filled life.

Recently I have come up against those that do not understand my way of thinking and that is okay. I do not expect people to understand; but I do hope people will watch me and test me if need be. Do I walk my talk? Am I who I claim to be..who I say I am?  I hope you see I am and I hope, humbly so, that maybe I can inspire others to seek this gratitude-filled life as something that may help them to want to live their best life.

I don’t know….look, I am who I am! I love and I am grateful for all I have and for you!

That is all!

I want to encourage YOU to be you and if you are not entirely happy with who you are, it is within your ability to change that! BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE! I hope and pray that will be a person filled with love and gratitude! A person filled with that awesome POWER!