What Has Gratitude Done For Me?

gratitude-be-the-changeWhat has the practice of, the research of, and the constant writing of gratitude done for me??

Well it is thanks to these gratitude practices that I am able to stand in front of people and love them regardless of what some would perceive as a lack of loyalty, let alone friendship or family ties.

It is how I am able to continue to love in the face of inconsideration to the point of tears. Or mean-spirited-NESS that is not only unnecessary but not equal to the love that is given to them.

It is how I truly am able to stand in love and forgiveness regardless of what is happening.  It is how I keep peace. It is how I can write this and not let it break my heart. Truly I only share to lead by example. Otherwise I would not even talk about it. Because I have gratitude in my life, my cup is full and I have peace! And love!

It is my joy keeper! My sanity keeper! It is what keeps me connected to my creator and to openly and in a clear eyed way know why I am here and what I need to do.

This is what practicing gratitude has done and does for me!

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