Fear- The Destroyer of Dreams!

fearisaliarFear is not only a liar, it is a destroyer! Its sole purpose is to keep you where you are! Fear is driven by your ego, and your ego feels very comfortable right where it is and will fight to keep you there!

When fear rears its ugly head try to remember it is not your friend, it is not trying to help you. Now I am not speaking of that nagging voice, or feeling, deep down that keeps you from walking off a cliff or into a situation which may be dangerous. We need to use common sense! I am speaking of the fears that keep us from trying to move outside of the box of our existence that our ego keeps us in. And it is within that box, that comfortable box, where our dreams DO NOT exist! So take that step out of the box and tell your ego to back off; you’ve got this!

Just something to chew on today! ❤  Love and gratitude always! Christine

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