My Story and My Vision……if you are interested.


I have a vision for my Gratitude Project. If you care to learn about it please use the link.  Regardless of whether you feel led to contribute or not I would be so blessed if you would take the time to read the page description and the update. Maybe you could even sign up for the updates! That would be awesome! Seriously your support by reading,praying, and sending good thoughts for the project will be greatly appreciated!!   Just click the big green box that says Gratitude Project!  And thank you!



2 thoughts on “My Story and My Vision……if you are interested.

  1. Christine, I read about your project and I wish you all the best. Isn’t it amazing how people who have struggled so much in their lives are the ones who desire deeply to help others:) I’m unable to support you financially but my prayers are with you. I also am working on my own confidence project and I know that God will provide us both with the resources that we need. May many blessings come your way!

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    • Brenda! Thank you! You are such a blessing to me. I appreciate your prayers more than anything!!
      I agree it is very interesting and amazing how our struggles help form our passions! All part of that “everything happens for a reason” theory!
      I am excited for you and your project! Prayers coming your way!


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