Lead by Example!

It doesn’t matter which side you are on, we are called to love one another. 

You may think this is simplistic or trite, but it’s just that simple. 

Stop the hate. 

Let love lead. 

Both sides. 

1) Allow others to have their sorrow.

2) Allow people to get on with life without having to have hate thrown at them 24/7. 

AND fear does not justify harming others. Never. Never make that act okay. Violence is violence and there is never a good reason for it. 
God did not call us to understand all that happens in this life- HE did call us to have faith.  And to love our neighbor.
Believe it is in HIS hands, have faith, trust, and move forward.  And LET OTHERS move forward. 

NO it’s not easy. 
But spreading hate is not the answer and is not okay; even when you feel it is justified. Hate is hate and it is wrong. Hate filled words matter. 

We need to look in the mirror. Or at our social media timelines! Are we spreading fear and hate or hope and love? 
It’s time to take responsibility for ourselves and realize we do affect others with our talk and actions. 

If we worry what others are going to teach our kids- first let’s worry about what we can control- what WE teach our kids.  
Lead by example- they are watching. 

I strive everyday to lead by example. I am very aware of what I say and do. I’m not perfect, but none among us are. I do my best! And that is all any of us can ask of the other.  

I send massive love waves out to you all! . ❤️❤️