Wow, it has been a long time!

7405 Front HouseWow, I can not remember the last time I have gone this long without checking in! Oh how I have missed being here!

So why you ask have I been missing? Well the picture above is the culprit. My house. Yes, my house has been the reason I have had zero time to myself for the last two weeks; the two weeks before that? Well before that I had just procrastinated and was overdue for a visit!

So how does a house cause me to be so busy I have not been here?  Well we decided, rather suddenly, that we wanted to sell our house. We have talked about it for a few years but when we made the decision we moved rather fast. So we have spent the last couple of weeks getting it listed and ready for showings.  Whew!  As any of you that have sold your homes know this can be a process! And it was!

But after much work and a little time we had our first showings this past Saturday and they went well.

So now we are waiting for news and while waiting I thought what a better thing to do than drop in here and say “hello” and catch you up! And I will catch up with you!  So I am going to browse around your blogs now and see what is happening. I hope you all have been well and being grateful everyday!

I will admit I’ve been challenged lately to be grateful regardless of situations and so far so good! I know it may get harder as days go by; I am ready!  With God’s help!

If by chance you follow my YouTube channel I’ve been updating that almost daily!  So you can catch up there with things!

Until next time, I will talk to you soon!