I’m Addicted!!

Okay Ya all, I have a confession to make! I’m becoming rather addicted to YouTube! 

Okay so I’ve got my channel where I post a daily message, should be called “crazy Christine ramblings” but seriously I post a video daily where I chat about what’s in my head and its related to positive  thinking; as well as living a Gratitude filled life !  Then in the afternoon I post a video,or two, from cruises or our Disney vacations. Sometimes they are just me chatting or I post a video from one of our recent trips! 

I decided to make just one channel with several playlists. A channel devoted to my life passions- Gratitude (encouraging others), cruises, and Disney! 

I have not promoted it much more than to mention it here a few times.  I know I tried this last year but this time I’m more ME and I’m being consistent. I am becoming addicted!! I want to just chat all the time. 

I wonder if this means I have no friends. Haha!!  Nah! But I do love chatting on YouTube and am getting a chance to meet others and answer questions.

So visit me! Check out the videos. Get to know me!  I’m just a regular girl who often forgets what she is talking about and sometimes gets chased by bees when she is video taping!  

Okay! Come see me! But be nice! 😉 

You can find me by searching for The Gratitude Diva/ The Gratitude Project.  

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