Something New………..



I am attempting to start a YouTube channel! Now if you have been around for awhile you know I started making videos a while ago, like in my last post, but I am getting a bit more serious now!

My channel will, of course, be about gratitude- but I have a plan of action! I will post a daily message where I will ramble in my own special way haha, about gratitude, positive attitudes, encouraging others, whatever I happen to be thinking about at the moment!  And then, here comes the twist, I will be posting about two of my favorite things!! Cruising and Disney!

Hey I am just like you! I have things I love besides that which I write about!

Again if you have been around for awhile you know I love to cruise and I love to go to Disney! I have a passion for these things and love to talk about them. So when I am not talking about gratitude and encouraging others, I will be chatting about my other two passions!  And I would love if people would start asking me questions!

Send comments or questions to

I am pretty excited about this and have already started. I enjoy making my daily message and then later in the day posting a video related to vacations! I will also upload videos from my cruises and WDW visits!

If this sounds like a channel you may be interested in (I’m trying to make it interesting for you!!) then please follow this link and subscribe to my channel! I promise it is just going to get better. Right now I am an unskilled videographer and editor, I hope that changes with time!

Visit and subscribe to my channel here!!

By the way, my experience/background on these New (to you) subjects is-

11 cruises

Disney and WDW more times than I can count!

DVC (Disney Timeshare) owner since 2009

Pin Trader since 2009

Hope to see you there!