I Have to be ME!

imperfectImperfect me! Loving and forgiving…. yet still me. Me being the person that is capable of love, gratitude, forgiveness AND at times susceptible to the world! Meaning I have an opinion and sometimes my opinion may not align with others. I have noticed lately that I have tried to censor myself to “fall in line” with the person I portray myself as through my writing.  I guess this is a normal thing to do, I am sure we all do this at times- lose ourselves in this world. For me I am holding myself to a level that pretty much guarantees I will fail from time to time.  I have realized I need to stop this. I need to embrace all of me, even the parts of me that have opinions on things that are not necessarily of a positive nature! While continuing to strive for a better moment, a better day, a better life!

I am always talking about being authentic and embracing who we are. Well I need to take my advice about this. I need to be OK with saying to others that at times, even though I am grateful and I do advocate a positive attitude, I still can have an opinion on the things of this world that are not necessarily surrounded by a positive vibe. We can’t exactly want to change things, say of a political nature, without talking about the politics. I have to be OK with that. I need to not be afraid of offending others; as long as I am offering my opinion in an open-minded and non judgmental way. I realize we all have opinions and we should be able to share those opinions to grow.

So while I advocate living a grateful life and a positive one, I do not live in a utopian world where bad things never happen. I realize the reality of life – to make an omelet some eggs will be broken!  It is what it is.

What I need is more confidence in the knowledge that I can live a gratitude-filled life without having to act as if I live in a Utopia; like there is no work that needs to be done.  There is work to be done and I am grateful for all the experiences I have as I do my work.

I can advocate love, gratitude, forgiveness and still speak up when I feel someone is being wronged; even if the situation surrounding that wronging is one of a negative nature. Such as our current political climate! It is hard to weigh in on a subject when the subject is just so negative in nature!

Of course this all comes with the caveat that I am not coming from a place of fear, anger, or hatred, and that is where the real work is! I need to come from a place of love. And in order to do this I must respond and not react. That is something I work on everyday.  I believe to be true to who I am, to live a truly authentic life, I need to master this way of living!

But this is me, not you. We all must walk our own path. But please do not mistake an opinion on a negative situation as a loss of my humanity.  ❤