The Act of Letting Go is Powerful!


To carry around the anger of un-forgiveness is a hard thing to do. It weighs us down and causes more problems than most people know.

It’s a funny thing, we carry around our anger as a badge of honor, but really it is a badge, or sign, that says victim! The first time someone told me that my “grudge” was just making me a victim, that made me sort of angry! I can remember the professor telling me that each time I remembered the injustice, or was prevented from progressing in life due to the blocks this injustice had created in my life, that I was allowing myself to be a victim. I took great offense to the word “victim” and it took me many a day until I could revisit the discussion without being angry about it.

In time I came to realize that the professor was correct. Much to my dismay I had used my past hurts and pains as crutches and allowed them to be blocks standing in the way of my future.

Once I was open to the thought, purging of my anger and pain did not take long and truly was not hard place to get to! I actually got to a place where the forgiveness was so easy, because I didn’t want it in my life any longer! It became so much easier to forgive the person, mostly because I viewed the un-forgiveness (by the way-completely in my control) as a poison in my life! Once you actually believe that- how fast do you think you will let it go?!?  Trust me- lightening fast!

Our past does not serve us nor does it define us!