What Does your DNA say?

gratitude in your DNAThere is scientific research about your DNA carrying memories from your ancestors. There is even more metaphysical research on this subject.  If your ancestor was fearful of spiders or snakes, then you may carry a gene that will create that same fear in you.  This explains a lot about why my 7 month old son had, what seemed to me to be, irrational fears of the bathroom. Now I do not know what one of my ancestors did to create this fear, and it may not be a fear of the bathroom per se, it could be of water or bright lights or loud noises, I do not know, but what I do know is a lot of parents tell stories of unexplained fears in their newborn and toddler children.  This research goes a long way in helping us to understand the unexplained.

I have a chapter in my book about faith, about seeing something when we believe it, not the other way around…..believing it when we see it, “I’ll believe it when I see it!”  which is the way most people believe.  I strongly believe in our DNA carrying memories from our relatives, I have seen to many unexplained fear in others not to give it credence.

Here is a link to some more recent info on the subject. http://reset.me/story/science-proving-memories-passed-ancestors/

Next we will have to discuss how we can retrain our brains, create new pathways…… yes, it may be a challenge, but it is possible!