Learn To Love Thyself!

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Forgiveness comes from a place of Love NOT anger. The act of forgiveness replaces anger with love, unconditional love. If we don’t do the work the anger remains, even if its buried! It will resurface at some point! This means….we never really forgave in the first place!

Love for yourself will give you the strength you need to forgive others! You need to love yourself enough to not want the pain of un-forgiveness shadowing your life! Learn To Love Thyself!

4 thoughts on “Learn To Love Thyself!

  1. Provided love of self does not lead to self- delusion ; an easy escape road from reality.
    I think better advice would be to know thyself , as this would lead to a warts and all acceptance.
    Having attained that we are ready for a warts and all acceptance.of others.

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