kind1Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, did you know this? Well it is! I think this is a great idea, if you follow my blog at all you know I write about this often! So while I think we should be practicing RAK’s, all the time, I think it is fabulous that we can shine a light on it today!! Yay for social media and all the hype surrounding “National/World day” this and that! Yes, I’m all in!

With that in mind I have taken to social media today to post a RAK idea every couple of hours. One thing though….I have three pages on Facebook; I have my personal page, my Gratitude Diva page, and my Gratitude Challenge group and I post a different idea on each page. It is getting a bit confusing posting on each page! And my Twitter feed looks rather confused since two of those pages auto post to Twitter!  ha!  Oh well, it is also Manic Wednesday I guess!  Can’t have too much RAK’s can we?? I say No!

Have a fabulous #RandomActofKindness day!  And if you want to see my ideas…..follow my Twitter feed or follow me on Facebook! Look to the right……

You can always ask to join the private group too! Just search for the “The Gratitude Challenge-with The Gratitude Diva or comment below! 🙂