Ignorance is Bliss

Good Christians everywhere believe what their pastor says is gospel. I tell people often- do your own research.  And I do not say that without respect for others. I say it with respect for all.

I recently read some literature from a Christian minister that said the Hindu get to pick one of 30M Gods to worship.  It got me wondering, because I took a world religion class and remembered it described differently in class, I wondered if this is accurate. Once I did my own research and came up with a bit of a different truth; I decided to copy the factual description here. I checked several different sites and they all said the same thing; but I chose this excerpt from Hinduism.about.com.

I think when a certain section of society is condemning (maybe not a great word to use!) others with only partial truths, or twisted truths, it should be made clear what the actual truth is. As you can tell from the following text the “millions” of “gods” are only aspects of the one supreme absolute “Brahman”. So while this may not jive with a Christian ideal, or maybe any others, it is not quite like I’ve heard described by some.  Ignorance truly is Bliss. 🙂

“Hinduism is generally associated with a multiplicity of Gods, and it does not advocate the worship of one particular deity. The Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism amount to thousands, all representing the many aspects of only one supreme Absolute called “Brahman”. However, people who don’t know this, misinterprets the fact that Hinduism has a multitude of Gods! What one should understand is that although there are many manifestations of Brahman in the forms of deities each deity is really an aspect of the Brahman or, ultimately Brahman itself. “

2 thoughts on “Ignorance is Bliss

  1. I used to believe everything that I was told about Christianity and other religions but I have discovered through research that many of my beliefs were incorrect. We should never believe as complete truth what another person says. All of us brought up in backgrounds that believe a variety of concepts about religion and the world. It is natural for us to follow the beliefs of our families and we fall into a trap of thinking these are the truth. Then we will pass on this misinformation to other people. Even pastors or religious leaders can be mislead through their own understanding. The only way to the truth is extensive research.

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    • This has been on my mind a lot lately. This is why I wrote about it. I agree with all you are saying 100%.
      Research is available, easy, and yet not utilized much. As we progress into a voting year here …. It becomes painfully obvious how little research people do. They are too easily ready to believe the negatives over the positives and in so many cases will not even seek a positive.
      As you said- we are raised with the beliefs of our parents, our cultures, our leaders; both religious and political. It is time we wake up and realize we have the power to believe what we want and not what we are told. Do the research- your beliefs may be proven correct or maybe not. But don’t be afraid of the truth!
      Okay…. Lol. Rant over. I told you this has been on my mind lately!
      As always thank you so much for your interesting thoughts! ❤️


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