I Want To Thank YOU!

awardI want to thank YOU! Those of you who take the time to give and receive blogging awards are awesome! I know these awards are truly about Networking, and I think that is great! This is one of the reasons I always take part in giving and receiving awards. I am building a platform/brand (as well as I just want to reach more people to hopefully inspire/encourage them!) and using this award as networking helps. It is free marketing.  I appreciate that! Thank you!!

Look it took me 35 minutes to create the award blog post! The return on that investment, in respect to new friends and readers, is invaluable!! Not too mention it is just pure kindness for me to acknowledge the time you took to nominate me! That builds me up and I hope you too!

So selfish me I like to be kind to others for what it gives me!So thank you!! And please know I appreciate you all! ❤