Gratitude is Power!

Gratitude-is-simpleI was writing a post in my private Gratitude group this morning (if you want to join just send me an email or follow on FB and ask..I will add you) and in the post I was talking about how when I woke up I had a million things on my mind! But I was happy to notice among them was gratitude!

I have been asked more times than I can remember ” how do you stay grateful in the face of adversity?”  that is such a great question and one that I can remember, at one point in my life, thinking could never happen to me!  But today I am grateful in the face of adversity, and I have been tested on that fact, and I have passed the test! With flying colors? Well… was still adversity, so I guess that is relevant and I would say yes.  I didn’t recover my composure immediately but I handled things amazingly well and recovered faster than I thought ever possible! And I am able to feel the feelings of Gratitude in the face of adversity; even if I can’t get the words out immediately.

So how did I get here? Practice. Plain and simple. There is no two ways about this, practice of gratitude is the only way to get to a place of continual gratitude.   As I said in my post this morning “Gratitude is simple…..and the way I feel about it is this- if you don’t feel it right now, say it anyway. The feelings will follow. Just do it.
Gratitude is power.”   And it is power!  Just do it, just be grateful. Time will change your heart. It will happen.

8 thoughts on “Gratitude is Power!

  1. Love your message! Each morning before I get out of bed I thank God for a new day, new beginning and ask that I be His vessel to treat people as He would. You are right it does take practice but to be grateful daily has had such a positive impact on my life too! I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, if you choose to accept it here’s the link


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