Change the Way You See Your World…..


For me the world has changed subtly for the last 8 years and maybe not so subtly for the last 3 of those years! When I began my journey down this road I had no idea where it would lead me, what I did know was I could not stay on my current path. So I began a new journey and oh how the world has changed.

Practicing Gratitude has created an entirely different world for me and I think for those around me. If you asked those who know me best, I believe you would find they would tell you I have had a shift in the very essence of who I am. I know that is sort of deep and maybe the truth is you can’t change your essence because that would be your soul, so let me clarify that what I am trying to say is that while maybe my essence has remained the same, technically, it has come to the forefront of my Being! I am fully (maybe not fully) the person I’m intended to be; the one God intended. I was not this person when I began my journey! Practicing Gratitude has opened up a whole new world and a whole new ME.

Yes, my essence has become more who it’s supposed to be. And dare I say I am not finished? It is true, I do not think I’ll be finished until I draw my last breath. I will forever continue to grow, change, and become closer to that Being God intended!

And I am loving the journey!

4 thoughts on “Change the Way You See Your World…..

    • Thank you Madeline! I am so pleased with you comment! I can’t tell you how encouraged I feel reading your words!
      I am very happy with the description of “extreme” Gratitude being attached to my writing! I feel extreme gratitude often and am glad it translates through to my writing! 🙂
      Please visit again! And now I am off to browse your blog! I love making new friends! ❤


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