Goodnight Wayne……….

waynedyermusic  My heart is breaking tonight at the news that Wayne Dyer has passed from this life. Dr. Wayne has been my greatest teacher! Wayne Dyer was with me when I was in my darkest moments, he helped me to reconnect with God in a way that I never knew was possible.

The world has been blessed with the gift of Dr. Dyer, he will be missed. First I want to say to his family and loved ones; my prayers and thoughts are with you.

He leaves behind many books filled with his inspiring words.  This reminds me, in a very real way, just how important it is to get my words put down on paper, out there for others to read and hopefully to inspire and possibly help.

Dr. Wayne did not die with his music still in him, although I am saddened that there seemed to be so much more to do. Although God obviously felt Wayne was needed in heaven far more than he was needed here. He has done so much here I can understand why he could be, obviously was, ready to go home. I am sure he will rest a while and then get on with the business of teaching and inspiring folks in the heavens.  And I am sure he will tell them all about the Scurvy elephant and then continue to be that scurvy elephant!

Wayne said to find the blessings in every situation; and that is exactly what I do! The blessing today, for me, is that I am being reminded how special and blessed this life I have is. The blessing is in having had the pleasure, the honor, to have been alive at the same time as this man.


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  1. Such a loss. Such a remarkable man. His teachings have influenced my life more than any others. So sad, but so happy for his peaceful transition 🙂

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    • Your words mirror my thoughts Melanie ❤ I am extremely happy for him that he was able to transition so peacefully; once again he sets the example,only this time it is of how I wish my time here on earth to end. He was and may always remain my greatest teacher.
      Thank you for the follow ! I am now off to visit your blog! 🙂

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